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For those who have an ear...



Ascolta l'audio registrato in una hall open space progettata senza attenzione all'acustica.

Ascolta poi lo stesso audio apprezzando il comfort acustico apportato con il progetto Fonology

hall open space - Fonology


Ristorante - Fonology


A restaurant which does not consider acoustics fails to offer its customers a pleasant environment.

Fonology hall open space - Fonology

Office with Fonology

Now listen to the same audio track appreciating the acoustics comfort provided by the Fonology project.

Fonology Ristorante - Fonology

Restaurant with Fonology

Listen to how Fonology can improve yours.

Aula - Fonology


Listen to the audio track recorded in a classroom with no acoustic features.

Fonology Aula - Fonology

Classroom with Fonology

Now listen to the same lesson in a classroom with perfect acoustics achieved with Fonology.

Listen to an audio track recorded in an open space office without taking the acoustics into account.

What we do

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Acoustic comfort 

Fonology acoustic comfort arises from an assessment of overall spatiality, from a global vision that considers every detail an opportunity to inspect the tones, timbres, reverb, absorption and insulation of sound. 


Fonology helps designers select combinable products that offer maximum creative freedom, thanks to refined finishes and decorations.

multimaterial approach

Fonology is the connection point between sound and material.

An approach that allows for the broadest choice of materials, the widest freedom of use, and above all, a new interpretation of sound absorption.

Wood, concrete, wool, steel, mdf.

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How we do

Italian style

Innovative lines, colours and profiles bring the great aesthetic appeal of Italian style to highly functional elements. 


Engineers and experts with longstanding professional experience research and experiment on a global scale to find the best sound-deadening materials in order to develop cutting-edge solutions to improve the response of space to sound.


To accurately determine the acoustic characteristics of structures, systems and elements, Fonology relies on the support of partners with longstanding experience that rely on state-of-the-art measuring instruments and a technical physics laboratory, in close collaboration with the world of research.


Giving to you a customized products. An excellent technical staff designs with you to not impose limit to the creativity.

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shapes, colours, graphics and materials are designed in collaboration with customers in order to fully meet their needs and comply with final certification of functionality.

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