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FONOLUOGO| Carrè (VI), Italy

Not just a showroom, but a place that stimulates all our senses and leaves us feeling good!

Fonology welcomes its clients to an innovative space where their perception of sound and noise change according to the acoustic treatment of the different areas.

Fonoluogo is not just a showroom. The sensorial experiences it offers to the visitors’ sense of hearing, touch and sight, will make them appreciate the phenomenon of listening comfort along with a high aesthetic sense.

ORGATEC 2014 | Colonia

Airform installati a soffitto con luce led integrata nell'avveniristico stand alla fiera Orgatec di Colonia

ESPACIO ARETHA | Madrid, Spain

Inside the Espacio Aretha studio in Madrid, the perspective of the Nineteenth century rooms frames a Metalia panel in the background containing one of the cult images of the Twentieth century: Yoko Ono and John Lennon posing for the January 1981 cover of the legendary Rolling Stone magazine.

RISTORANTE | Paris, France

Acoustics are also important in areas open to the public, such as restaurants and bars.

"Più sapore, meno rumore" (More taste, less noise) is a brief article (in Ares Line news#4) which explains how to avoid mistakes in fitting out new environments and how to rectify existing solutions.

In this Parisian restaurant, the designer has skilfully combined visual elegance with functionality. In collaboration with the Fonology technical team, the solution chosen was Listen in natural beech wood applied to the walls, which fits perfectly into the typically bistro style setting planned for the restaurant.


CONFERENCE ROOM | Vicenza, Italy

A conference room designed entirely by Fonology means quality space and acoustic comfort. A false ceiling in Fonology airform sound-absorbing panels has been chosen, with acoustic curtains and a Listen wooden bookshelf with high sound-absorbing features and minimalist design.

ESSEC | Cergy, France

A new training room for Essec Francia, already one of our customers.

A scenic intervention with Listen panels applied on the wall backlit with RGB led lights.

The Fonology team worked once again with Ares Line, which supplied Evolution in the unusual white finish with plum-coloured upholstery.


Rome Catholic University asked for on demand furnishing and solutions corresponding with the designer's indications and the client's taste for the San Luca lecture room.

The acoustic design of the lecture room was handled by the Fonology technical team and involved application of Listen panels in natural beechwood, customised with application of words and images. Listen was also used for the concealed cabinet behind the lecturer's desk; this improved the acoustic response and optimised the space for storage and management of the lecture room multimedia equipment.

A.M.F. | Bassano (VI), Italy

Quality, creativity, service and sustainability. What the Client seeks for its chain is what the Contract Design Network guarantees, thanks to the synergy between companies which work together.

A project by Contract Design Network that involves Ares Line and Fonology in bringing to fruition, a training room designed by Architect Dal Sasso.

A.M.F. is a well-grounded company located near Vicenza that produces clothing and leather accessories for the most prestigious international fashion houses and which required putting into this project, the characteristics it usually puts into its own work:

quality, creativity, service, sustainability.

Architect Dal Sasso worked on the planning of the training room, which included school desks and traditional materials, in collaboration with  Ares Line’s technical office and Fonology’s acoustics expert technicians.

The result of such a synergy is a high-quality project: an acoustically controlled room, excellent ergonomics and aesthetic qualities, all thanks to the creativity of the architect and the technical expertise of Ares Line and Fonology.

CAMPUS EINAUDI | Tourin, Italy

The new Campus Einaudi di Lungo Dora Siena, designed by Norman Foster & Partners of London, can hold up to 10,000 students and employees: 45 thousand m2 of floorspace, 14 thousand m2 of green space, 70 classrooms holding a total 8 thousand students and 5 libraries combined into one to hold a total of over 620 thousand books.

The Contract Design Network was also heavily present for this project, on which the technical and sales teams of Ares Line and Fonology worked in synergy.

The classrooms have been carefully designed and created using the most advanced technologies currently available in the teaching sector, equipping each station with an electrified logline to allow students to charge their devices.

The acoustic project involved installation of Listen staves on the wall, a material which was also used to cover the lecturer's desk in order to give the room a uniform and elegant appearance and improve its acoustics.

SEVER | Verona, Italy

Fonology and Ares Line collaborated on the meeting hall project, in the spirit of the Contract Design Network.

In order to achieve a sufficient level of acoustic comfort, Fonology installed Listen panels on the bottom wall and an Airform panel false ceiling with a skyedge suspension system, reflecting the industrial vocation of the setting.


Concretech panels are the key feature of renovation of the Oblate Library in Florence. The project focused on the existing architecture, but also provided a contemporary flourish with the choice of materials, which included the cement of the Concretech panels of Fonology.

The acoustic panels perform the dual function of holding and concealing various systems inside them, such as the perfectly integrated speakers. A double play of light on the floor and ceiling, also integrated into the panel, outlines the perimeter of the rooms and illuminates the characteristic cross vault.


This was a highly customised project focused on satisfying the client's needs. Most of the vertical surfaces and the ceilings were treated acoustically with an on demand solution supplied by Fonology.

This included Listen applied on the reception desks, the unusual brick-red colour and the office cabinets in natural beechwood.

Metalia inserts on the hall walls are one of the features of a minimalist but welcoming design.


Acoustic control of the lecture rooms at Milan Bicocca University, created with Listen, was Fonology's first major project.

It was carried out in 2013 and marked the first collaboration with Ares Line for a highly customised global project guaranteeing students a high level of wellness.


Sound environments that disturb the various activities of individuals, such as background noise, echoes or the total absence of sound reflection, are becoming increasingly common.  Fonology offers sensory stimulation that changes the perception of sound and the way we conceive environments.  Learning to listen involves the acoustic ergonomics of space, which can provide a state of mental and physical wellbeing. 

IVM showroom | Milan, Italy

A visually stunning project with a huge impact for the Milan showroom, where a stalls area has been created inside a large open space obtained from a former industrial structure. This was a challenging project in terms of the acoustics, due to the large spaces and heights involved. It was decided to install Airform rectangular and square panels of various sizes and in the black and white colour scheme of the environment.

RESTAURANT  | Florence, Italy

Easy air, designed by Simone Micheli for Fonology, is ideal for existing environments.

The circular panels positioned free standing and on the ceiling allowed the non-optimal acoustics to be greatly improved and created a welcoming atmosphere for the restaurant and its patrons, in which to take a pleasant break during the day.

The panels can be colour-customised and are available free standing in 3, 6 or 9 pieces.

The auditorium project, designed by Contini-Stella, was built in collaboration with Ares Line and Fonology, which provided all their technical expertise and innovative products.

The auditorium has been restyled to improve its architectural quality, as well as visual and acoustic comfort.

The elliptical auditorium features 10 rows divided into two sections on stepped floors with Evolution desks.

To improve its acoustic quality, during the planning phase, it was decided to opt for wall coverings and false ceilings with the Listen curvilinear by Fonology, one of the most innovative products currently available in the market.

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